Praise and Prayer

These are items that are continually in our prayers. It is a great support to have our sponsors praying

Prayer Huts

Our church congregations are always growing in the villages a small congregation of 30-60 members can meet in a small prayer hut of roughly 400 square ft depending how rapidly the church grows members will use this as a meeting place until they can not fit any more. As most Indians feel more comfortable sitting on mats the ground they can fit many more people into a space this size than you could in a western church with chairs.


This is a home for the pastor and his family to live in. The pastors home will be a central place for many meetings. Most village huts are not a size to accommodate guests for church meetings etc. The thatched roofs typical in villages also get cobras in them and allow water to leak through during the monsoon. To allow a pastor to not be distracted from his work by caring for his family in this way MM tries to have a proper parsonage building constructed for him as soon as the funds are available.

Church Buildings

We are praying for 1000 members at our main congregation at St. John’s by the year 2013.

Pray for the Staff at MM – encouragement and enthusiasm as they carry out the Lord’s work

Rev. Dr. B Ebenezer Mother Mary Noel and Joel

Office Staff Raja,

House Parents Ramesh and Joythi their children

Java and Crue Poverty their children

Teachers at the Elementary School

Vijayalaxmi Nallamothu and Ramola Nallamothu (First Class)

Sobhanadri Chodagudi (Second Class)

Venkatalaxmi Akula (Third Class)

Rao Kanchana Nallamothu (Fourth Class)

Emmanuel Klapal (Fifth Class/Head Master)

The Children in the Home (see sponsorship charts for names and photos) – that they would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior